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"Did anyone try to give a heads up to Action Point or Tekelek?"

Why would that be relevant?

Does existing (but largely unenforced) 'product liability' legislation in the UK and elsewhere say where the finger should initially be pointed?

"Under the CPA, the 'producer' of a product is liable for any defects. The producer is the manufacturer of the finished product or of a component of the finished product, or any person responsible for an industrial or other process to which any essential characteristic of the product is attributable. Liability may also be imposed on any party who holds itself out to be the producer through the use of a name or trade mark, and any person who imported the product into the European Community.

As such, there may be more than one party liable under the CPA in respect of the same damage. Liability is joint and several, so the injured party may sue any or all of these people. Liability cannot be excluded or limited."


Time a bit more of this stuff was actually *enforced*. If the normal enforcers (Trading Standards) are too busy to enforce it themselves (e.g. because they're busy trying to force Kodi off the market for some reason), who else is in a position to sort matters out?

Who reckons the directors at Aga Rangemaster Ltd might have these installed?

Three named directors, two listed in Illinois where the parent company (The Middleby Corporation) are based, one in Spain, none in the UK. So the directors probably *don't* have the product in question installed in their own homes.

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