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Call me mad (or luddite), but I actually prefer being home when something is in the oven, just to keep an eye on things (and occasionally baste things for that crispy skin on chicken, and leg of boar glazed with home-made apple treacle is truly great). I could use the timer on my SMEG oven quite nicely, although that does not cope well with sudden changes to plans. Therefore, I much prefer turning it on when I get home. It takes just shy of 10 minutes to get to its highest working temperature (it also has two ovens in which I can control temperature independently), so I really, really do not see the need of remote control. The ten minutes warm-up time are readily filled with laying table, chopping vegetables, relaxing after work with a beer, or even talking to members of the family.

I have nothing fundamentally against remote control, but to implement it in this terrible way is mindboggling.

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