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Google are indeed into self-driving cars, and have been very successful because it is an extension of google maps and streetview with all the heavy lifting done in the Google cloud. This is very good for google because all the telemetry data is uploaded, enabling them to dispense with all those streetview cars going around photographing roads: you get a self-driving car, and they get an unpaid agent.

Nothing wrong with that commercial strategy, but it does not work for public transport (which has to keep going, even if the network is down), doesn’t work for emergencies like Fukashima, doesn’t work for the developing world and doesn’t work for a Mars rover; and stifles investment in wider technology innovations. They could put more smarts at the edge, but we wouldn’t need to give them data.

All smart phones now have multiple processors with low-power processors for telephony/music and faster processors and GPU where more power is needed. A TPU could work like a GPU that switches on for fingerprint, face/voice recognition or video scanning; but stifles investment for innovation unless chip makers can add the technology to a corner of a SoC.

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