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Proprietary: Pure sticks to flash module design, becomes a direct flasher

Anonymous Coward
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Hold on!!?!

Let me see what you are claiming

1. New controller + backplane (yaaawn).

2. DirectFlash NVMe module (why)

3. DirectFlash Software (SW to abstract out NVMe)

1) Pure got lucky because HPE bought Nimble and because Tegile and Tintri are private. Rest are copy cats.

2) You are claiming making NVMe mainstream, but it's standards based storage using PCIe connection to a custom storage processor. NVMe is already mainstream. It's available in laptops. Intel makes NVMe commodity. Not sure what is your innovation in the world of storage. Fusion-IO and Virident are no longer applicable because of NVMe (in case you need a NVMe primer since it seems you are unique claiming QDs of 65,000 -- Heck in your previous blog you talk about Facebook releasing Lightning. Admit this is a bunch of fluff and move on.

3) Flash can directly talk to software (running on storage controllers). This is not new. Don't claim this as unique innovation. Please see Violin Memory's VIMM (here is a link in case you Pure folks want to read it -- It's cool that it is for NVMe and has features such as adaptive flash for predictable operations on flash. am not sure if others have done this, but just admit a lot of your DirectFlash story is marketing and move on.

I agree that you have revolutionized the front end by abstracting out the back, Violin goofed up on the higher levels of data management because they didn't have the insight, but they did DirectFlash before Pure. Anyone from Violin Memory's former management reading this--why you didn't buy Datacore for SANsymphony is beyond me?

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