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Revealed: Blueprints to Google's AI FPU aka the Tensor Processing Unit

Steve Channell

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Thanks for the tip, the time I spent looking at TensorFlow would probably better spent doing something else.

The idea that a 256*256 8-bit matrix multiplication unit will beat a 4k single precision GPGPU is hardly surprising, but would be news if the advantage scaled up to 32-bit matrix multiplication for BLAS operations. If google put their TPU into self-driving cars (like nVidia are doing) that would be great news to, and we'd all salivate on the potential in a Mars rover, but they are not.

Proprietary hardware that depends on sending your data to an add-slinger stifles the industry because AI needs to move to the edge in phones/cars to be truly useful, but you don’t sell many adverts that way.

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