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You have no idea what an IP troll is. Purchasing a patent does not make you an IP troll.

IP trolling is when you attempt to register a patent, or extend the range of an existing patent, into areas that clearly do not belong to you and you have no credible claim to.

Purchasing a patent that is already in force and being paid for is simply a matter of buying an asset. The company selling it get a return on the work they did in developing the technology, the company buying it invest in something that will give them a return on what they paid for it.

If you forbid the buying of patents you significantly devalue the companies that develop the technology. Those patents are their prime asset. If you devalue the companies, you significantly limit their ability to invest in further development. Everyone loses.

Whether the new owner of the patent is playing fair in establishing a new licensing deal (after the previous one obviously expired) is a different matter and the point of FRAND.

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