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BMW chief: Big auto will stay in the driving seat with autonomous cars

Fazal Majid

Unjustified arrogance

I am a BMW driver, and given the horrendous nature of their in-car electronics and software, I have severe doubts about their software chops. They are resisting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto despite clear customer demand for in-car software that doesn't suck, and think they can play the same customer-hostile games with autonomy.

In any case, it's not relevant. Tesla outsells BMW, Audi and Mercedes 2-to-1 in the $50K+ segment, and is now coming to eat their lunch in their bread-and-butter entry-level luxury (3 Series / A4 / C Class) segment with the model 3. Despite having nearly 10 years warning, the luxury brands don't have an even remotely compelling all-electric offer for sale today, just vaporware. They are going to be too busy scrambling to survive to be fighting on the autonomous driving front, where Google et al have hired up all the machine learning PhDs needed to make the required breakthroughs.

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