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Blimey, did you know? It's World Backup Day. But... surely every day is world backup day?

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Anyone else think the ending of "Inside Out" was just plain wrong?

investing in ever-greater storage capacity is not the answer. Recent research found that 41 per cent of files hadn't been modified in the past three years. [in other words, this is] stale, redundant data.


...determine what is business critical before backing it up, while deleting data that doesn't drive business value.

Just because something is a few years old and hasn't been touched doesn't mean it isn't valuable (or will be in the future) or is in some way "stale" and can be chucked. We have a similar situation at work to that I have at home - the bulk of my storage at home is what I term our "media archive". Just because baby photos of my child haven't been "modified" in fifteen years emphatically does not mean they are lacking in value. Likewise I am definitely not throwing out the hundreds of slides and negatives my parents and grandparents have created over the years.

Look where wiping "stale, redundant" videotapes got the BBC.

This is interesting too.

And for an absolute hero in the field, you need look no further than Richard Russell.


Mind you, I daren't venture into my attic these days...

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