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Blimey, did you know? It's World Backup Day. But... surely every day is world backup day?

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I use several backup methods at home, rsync to external drive, rsync to NAS and Carbonite online.

I've always preached to my extended family that backups are important, explained the 3-2-1 rule etc.

Then, step-daughter is in college, has all her work on her MacBook Pro (2009 model). A month ago, she threw her thermo cup in her bag, along with her Mac and forgot to close the cup first... By the time she got home, her Mac was swimming in luke warm brew...

Wails, cries of anguish... I asked, what the problem was, I had given her a terrabyte of cloud storage and set up Office to save on OneDrive and she had several USB sticks. She didn't want "everybody" to see her work, so she had disabled OneDrive and the USB port wasn't working properly and she couldn't save to USB, so no backup! Just music and videos synced with an iPad.

I tried to rescue the drive, but it had ODed on caffeine.

She now has a new MacBook Pro (what a piece of junk!) and I installed Carbonite on it as admin and she can't turn it off!

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