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Buy a map, learn to read it, plan your journey.

FFS. A Paper Map? In London?

You'd be transgressing the white line into a bus lane/restriced lane before you could say boo to a goose, while at the same time, average speeds are being measured.

Italy is even worse, with their bollard style cameras at the entry/exit of villages. Try navigating around the outskirts of Venice, Italy without Sat-Nav, they have local vehicle access restictions/times on certain roads.

A paper map won't get you very far (without incurring fines) anymore, especially if the road layout is unfamiliar.

It's very easy to find yourself naturally driving at circa 80mph within free flowing traffic on UK motorways, yet lots of new Highways agency cameras are being installed as part of Smart Motorway upgrades and set to trigger at 79mph on M25/M4, without additonal notification (signage switched off).

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