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I've been thinking for years this sort of thing would take off, but it hasn't. I think the problem is that Continuum really needs an x86 CPU to be useful, because people who buy a Windows phone expect to run Windows apps.

I think Samsung's problem will be that people don't want to run Android/Linux apps, though for simple stuff like email/browsing it should be fine. Maybe phones as PCs are what VMware needs for their solution to finally take off. Network computers never really worked out because desktop PCs / laptops became so cheap it wasn't worth it. With a phone as the "network computer" meaning you only need re-purposed monitor, keyboard and mouse, maybe it will.

Still have to believe Apple would stand the best chance of success since they could recompile Mac apps as ARM64 to quickly allow people access to almost every Mac desktop app there is, and owning the full hardware/software stack would make for a lot more seamless solution. I think they'd be better off targeting at home users though, few enterprise users are running on a Mac, so in the enterprise they'd basically be limited to being a glorified network computer like DeX.

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