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Home Office accused of blocking UK public's scrutiny of Snoopers' Charter


It's too late,your not going to get anything changed,fuhrer May and her ilk have already decided,those who voted the Tories in at the last joke election knew precisely what they were voting into power,far too late now,.most of you will be on the list to get hit with the next set of tax rises,which will get pushed through no matter what they "promised" in their manifesto,the poor people in the UK are almost tapped out as an income source for the govt,so all you nice white middle class Tory voters are next on the list,and look at all the goodies and freebies you have to be taxed and to be cut..

If you thought 33% basic tax was bad in the 70's-80's,just wait until the govt decides that they cannot hang on an longer and push through massive grabs on your unearned,stolen wealth..

Have a nice day,sleep well (while you can)

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