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Re: Bewildered. (That's grown-up speak for "wtf")

"So why on earth do we need internet enabled dishwashers?"

I can think of one reason: Simpler UI.

In that case, give me a local connection. Bluetooth or something. I have no problem with it talking to ME, but I have a major problem with it talking to the rest of the planet, ditto for any other appliance (and God help the poor sod who wants to come and install a smart meter, because he/she will have to explain why they won't sign for damages payment when it goes wrong - in the presence of some journalists, because I'm mean like that).

A number of people have said that devices are made to sell, not to function. I would like to comment that this sort of uncontrolled crap is the perfect UNsell as far as I'm concerned - no flaming way.

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