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Dishwasher has directory traversal bug


I dunno, I can think of one time this would have been really handy - about 6 weeks ago my washer stopped working, it would work away for about 20 minutes and then just stop, with a single blinking red light. There's no LED display on most low-end dishwashers so no way to know what's wrong

Thought it was knackered and was pretty sure I'd need to replace it - I figured the element was gone or something - when I discovered (whilst doing something unrelated under the sink, which required me to unplug a bunch of pipes) that there was a big horrible ball of gunk stuck in the water outlet pipe of the washer and this was why the washer was failing. Once that was sorted, it's been fine since.

Would have been nice to have gotten a text or be able to log into some kind of "what is wrong with you" type webpage in the washer to see that the cycle was shutting down as it was unable to empty the water, I would have known right away what the problem was.

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