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and just as bad as all the connected cars - I have to pay £90 to just to update maps on mine

We're straying off topic, but yeah, mine too. I laughed at them on the phone when they tried to tell me that price. I would say it's a racket, and it would be if they actually got anyone paying for these updates. But why would you do that when you can buy a new TomTom or Garmin for half that price, including updates, and with a better user interface.

So not a racket; maybe just plain stupidity? If they're trying to sell the updates as a product, then they've clearly missed that lesson in high-school economics about supply and demand -- if they cut the price to £25, it's a pretty good bet they'd get more than four times as many sales. It's obvious really, so why do they price it so high?

So not a racket and not stupidity. It's actually planned obsolescence. They don't want people to update the maps because they want them to go out of date. Because that will make the whole car feel more dated, which will prompt us to replace the car with a new one sooner than we might have done otherwise.

Quite clever really. Depressingly cynical, but clever.

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