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"Before I get too many downvotes," - nope, you get a UV for a well reasoned argument. I suspect product design went a bit like this:

We can bolt internets onto our usual model, markup £200 retail for <sticks finger in the air> £13.56 RnD plus parts per unit. No let's skip the R bit and throw in most of a cheap IP camera's guts without the CCD etc. Fiddle with the web UI and profit. App n stuff. Internets - great.

I don't own a washing machine with an IP stack. I already have a THINGS VLAN and a SEWER VLAN for devices that scare me more ('leccy readers eg) than stuff I put on THINGS. This will need yet another VLAN for stuff I wouldn't even put on SEWER.

What the hell do I call that? How about AIRGAP? It would certainly have Security Onion looking at it sternly. My home network is probably not your average but I sometimes wish it was.

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