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Some studies I have seen reported on show no improvement in core skills between kids that are given a computing device (tablet or laptop) and those that are taught in a more traditional manner. There is a huge difference in school budgets to support the technology which might lead to less investment in the classroom.

There are some things that computers are very good at, but they can't think and they only do what they are told. I find it frightening to see younger people at the post office that can't properly address an envelope. I see job postings with bad spelling, incorrect word choice and horrendous grammar. I would think that in the very least, the spelling would be correct.

If you need to calculate the stress of a mechanical part in an assembly, a FEA application can greatly speed up the process but if you don't know the basics and can set up the problem all you will get are incorrect results. If you need to hand in a book report, a computer will compensate for poor handwriting, catch spelling mistakes and count the words for you, but it can't do the writing.

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