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ReMastery of UniVerses Communicating Cyber Elements

Re: "For the confirmation here, ... ... everything and anything worthwhile is made to work for Present Systems, is it not?" -

Howdy, Doc,

Fortunately, for those relentlessly searching 4 inexhaustible answers, there are 0ne for All - "No, it isn't" and "Yes, it is" answers in the same time, and both come given in such unusual 4 most of Us Mortals way because of the usual and common for the few of those living with Nuages Au Dessous, UniVersal Quantum nature of things to pass and come.

Hope, the Present is Perfect, while the Future is Indefinite until one brings it into accordance with Now -

And what are those Six Serving Men until they're Found by a one for a chat in between Where and When and where is there to build such a Telescopic facility, if not at ElReg's place?

Eight beers, because

55 73

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