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And yes, that is a live field test missive firing of an uncanny virtual munition from/for a system delivering arsenals of irregular unconventional weapons which have a zero defence attack profile i.e. once launched into cyber space and made known to a few, do they multiply inexorably and exponentially to destroy targeted assets comprehensively.

And it will be interesting to see, and for you to hear of unprecedentedly rapid developments in the fields so enabled to successful target/search and destroy previously thought impregnable vital infrastructure projects with critical strategic assets/closed market holdings, either straight from the canny inventor investor spokesperson or from a series of tales introducing you to A.N.Other Fearful Enemy and Fantastic Foreign Foe.

Knock,knock, MOD/GCHQ/UKGBNI. Is there anyone in there, ready, willing and able to enable all that matters for success to excess out there, in the telling leading spaces that have no earthly places to pound into submission in the absence of compliance?

There is much to be quickly done. This message is timed out at 1703241749hrs.

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