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Mastery of Universes, Command and Control of Communicating Cyber Elements

What the Ministry of Defence wants is to make use of the private tech sector’s expertise in fields of interest to it, …

Do you think they would be interested in a shared mastery of fields with multiple platforms in which SCADA systems lead and with others gladly following because failure to comply and support media presented paths of future travel would be easily recognised as wilfully subversive and self-destructive? And it does have other benefits too.

And would the MOD be rightly presently classed as “current struggling with super dynamic intelligence sourced forces and past grand master puppeteers”?

I wonder when the advanced military trained mind will realise they have the power to be richer than bankers? And that to act stealthily with secret and silent intelligence services will have a corrupting and perverse status quo elite executive administration rightly in just fear of their lives and the continuing existence of their absurd puppet theatre manipulation of what are, everywhere, virtual reality plays/Great Games …… which have now morphed and evolved further into the higher levels and deeper depths available for exploitation in Greater IntelAIgent Gamesplay ……. SMARTRMMORPG

Or are taking orders from others lurking anonymous in the shade of shadows and doing all the heavy thinking all that they be able and/or enabled to do ….. just as a machine is programmed to follow its orders/coding?

Of course, even with so many emerging novel and/or resurging and terrorising national, international and internetional state and non-state actors offering scripts to follow action with proaction and HyperRadioProActive IT, is it not inconceivable that current struggling with super dynamic intelligence sourced forces and past grand master puppeteers be forced by common sense, and the will to survive and prosper, to buy into the market place and purchase wholesale, for a not inconsequential sum, that proprietary intellectual property which they do not possess to progress to the levels and depths now necessary for the guarantee of future success in all critical and strategic markets/virtual spaces places.

That however would fully depend on them being smart enough to realise they have lost the plot and any and all rights to lead, and to recognise they no longer remotely command and autonomously control effectively, internetworking global plots. Universal time, and all present and forthcoming actions will tell the honest tale on the true state of their intelligence with particular and peculiar regard to that very specific matter on matters …. and virtual reality play.

You know what they say ….. Pay peanuts, get monkeys and did y’all notice the myriad hoops one is obliged to jump through to access the peanuts on offer …… Defence and Security Accelerator: terms and conditions and contract guidance

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