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'Clearance sale' shows Apple's iPad is over. It's done

dave 93

If you wish hard enough - it might come true

More Orlowski 'Apple is dead!' bollocks.

Pull your head out of your backside and visit some actual schools and universities, then bask in the glow of illuminated Apple logos.

Those who choose their own portable computing devices choose Apple, especially if Mum & Dad are paying!

iPhone is still better than Android.

iPads make other tablets look like a poor joke.

Macbooks are a beacon of high-quality consistency in a world awash with crappy laptops. MS Surface is a pathetic attempt that doesn't even know what it is!

Again I ask Andrew Orlowski directly (even though he never answers)...

* What phone do you use?

* What laptop do you use?

* What type of computers sit on the desks at El Req HQ?

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