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Register Bias

Once again Register bias shows in an Apple story. Most of the article is just spin.

For example 'Apple makes your device go slower with each iOS upgrade' as if this is a deliberate strategy by Apple to force and upgrade. Each OS upgrade provides new features, things like better graphics, etc. The trade off here is that new features use more processor. Apple optimize the hell out of anything they do due to their integrated hardware/software approach. Other manufacturers can't do that. A five-year-old device will naturally start to groan under the load.

Apple has also upgraded the processor from A8 to A9. Imaging if Samsung did that - Register would be singing Samsung's praises.

As many of us know - from other technology news sources - Samsung has had many woes in the last few months. Samsung's reputation has become severely tarnished. They rush things to market, and they have had dodgy dealings in South Korea.

But stories about Samsung, Register lovingly calls it 'Sammy' and has been pretty silent on Samsung's woes.

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