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Hear hear!

Nokia got stuck too far 'up itself' and became too busy with internal bickering and infighting to be able to go forward or produce anything useful. At the same time, it rested on its of "4 out of 10 phones in the world" laurels/mantra to feel the need to really do something about it.

Apple has been in much the same boat for a while now and, a bit like Nokia, hasn't 'read the writing on the wall'.

We bought Apple kit for the very first time back in 2004 (Mac Mini + OS X). We were really impressed with their outgoing nature. At the time it seemed like they couldn't do enough to please their public and add value to customers investments.

But since then they have gone the other way and have spent far too long selling everybody short across their entire range, be it stuff or services, besides behaving like some school-yard bully toward their customers (and everybody else).

So the fact the latest iPad is so mediocre is kind of immaterial because most of their stuff has been for a while anyway - its skill was in doing it looking fabulous is all.

Apple still have a lot of cash to sit on so maybe they don't really care?

But if they do, it then follows that they it can't go on this way: nobody (really) wants to pay top-dollar to be held captive in some despots walled-garden with a lot of broken toys.

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