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Cisco brags of industry-best hyperconverged performance

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Read the test here's where it's rigged...

1. They tested a Hyperflex system with 10K capacity drives, against a system running 7200RPM SATA drives? I wonder why write latency was awful under steady state load on that platform.

2. Vdbench to simulate SQL? Are they drunk? Can't afford benchmark factory, or SLOB?

3. Why was a completely different model/ generation of SSD chosen for Vendor C? Based on Cisco Supply chain it looks like someone shifted from SAS to SATA here and to a several year old model.

Missing also from this are the version numbers, firmware, drive make models, CPU's used, What the size/spec of the VM's were.

If you want to see what a real methodical bench marking of HCI looks like Check out the Principal technology reports.

Here's one for Nutanix.

Here are Exactly the same tests performed on vSAN

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