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'Clearance sale' shows Apple's iPad is over. It's done


As I have said a million times

Apple are no longer innovators, they are just another tech company peddling average gear.

Their laptops are mid spec and expensive

Their phones are mid spec and expensive

Their TV box has never been any good despite repeated tries selling it

The ipad was a decent tablet, but charging £150 for a keyboard cover and £90 for a "pencil" is just ridiculous considering these things should really be included in the first place.

Look at the Nokia N95, it was absolutely massive in 2007/2008 and pretty much everybody had one, even despite the high price. Then two things happened .... Nokia were stuck on S60v3 and never pushed forward, and the follow up N96 was rubbish. It gave competitors like Sony ericsson and Apple a chance to get in to the market. I can see the same thing happening to Apple with competitors like Huawei and such lining up.

This new ipad is basically parts left over from the factory floor shoved in a clearance box.

Apple may think they are too big (and arrogant) to fail but history tells us otherways.

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