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Uber president quits, says company's values inconsistent with his own leadership style


Uhm, it's my car. It should be pretty obvious that any law that restricts people's ability to voluntarily ride with me is illegitimate and immoral.

At the same time, noone is forcing anyone to ride with Uber, or Patrick Star's Private Express either. Then they would in fact be violating very legitimate laws against coercion and robbery.

If someone only wants to ride with people that are licensed by a specific authority, pledged to follow certain rules, etc, then of course they are free to do so. They just aren't free to force others to do the same.

And don't be fooled into thinking any of the legal action against Uber has anything to do with "protecting public safety" or similar bollocks. It's just crony capitalism in action, on behalf of taxi drivers who don't like new competition.

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