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A marketing bod with a conscience?

I doubt it. Whilst the known extent of the problems has progressively come out, the battle against its own drivers and against regulators has been an ongoing war, and it looks to me that Jones only joined in September 2016.

I'm afraid I think that the man has worked out that things are going to get worse not better, that he'll be in the hot seat, and the only way to minimise the stain on his CV is to publicly turn against his own company For a regular employee at Uber, yes, you can leave as a matter of principle. But as "president" of Uber, he is the only one who cannot say "it was their fault".

He was earning almost $8m at Target, I'd assume Uber were offering a lot more, what his decision is saying is that he isn't up to the task of fixing the company. Great appointment, guys!

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