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Still waiting for IR35 to be applied

To all the self employed drivers for Uber and Lyft and all the white van men who do the deliveries for our on line economy.

These should be the test cases for disguised employment which generate most of the supposed benefits of the gig economy.

This leads me to an uncomfortable conclusion.

UK Mail have been widely berated recently for charging a driver for his replacement when he was injured at work.

This looks (with my contractor hat on) to be a correct application of a contract to supply a service and the self employed driver seems to have accepted the requirement to supply a service by substitution in the event of sickness.

So kudos to UK Mail for clearly demonstrating how a self employment contract should function.

This ignores issues like paying enough to allow a substitution agreement to be workable, and also if the agreement strongly warned that the contractor should carry personal as well as public liability insurance to cover this kind of eventuality.

Lyft recently bought themselves out of this issue in the States. For the time being. A proper shake out in this area should make the ground rules for IT contracting much more clear and also hopefully reduce the exploitation of those on low wage gigs.

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