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It's not just disks.....

I work for a large organisation and a number of years ago we used two form authentication to log users on, ie they presented a “smart card” to a smart card reader (a seperate device attached via USB cable) and then typed a password in when prompted.

As with any large setup we had a small pool of regular customers, those special individuals who always pushed the boundaries of ineptitude.

One day one of our regulars contacted us…they had lost their smart card inside the PC. Almost fearing what I would discover I went up to see them. What I found was that after 2 years of routinely inserting the smart card into it’s reader each morning, on this particular day the user had decided to feed the smart card into the PC's floppy disk drive. And of course, just to make sure it worked they shoved it in as far as they could...

A few minutes with a dental probe (don’t ask) and a blob of blu tac retrieved the card. But to this day I cannot forget their blasé attitude, it was as if it was the most natural mistake in the world to make….

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