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Just a feeling, but I'm sure the number of sites that restrict length is actually on the rise.

Maybe a lot of sites have always had the restriction but have not publicised it, and dealing with established user databases - I guess it could cause some issues trying to lengthen the field on a 15yr old database. (Disclaimer: I've only done really small scale DB stuff with at most a few hundred users, and never had to worry about anything like this, the largest established database I had to add fields to consisted of just a dozen staff members, way back when cellphones were becoming common and we decided to add a couple of extra phone # fields, which was easy to do)

But ok, newer sites want to restrict length because of people trying to type in whole novels or something. Fine, but set the length high. Most systems these days will happily take a limit of 100 characters, and it won't make a huge hit on storage or bandwidth. Either your site remain small enough not to care about it, or becomes the next FB and you have a ton of money to upgrade hardware as needed.

Set a max length if you feel you must, but make it a good length. Maybe even double what you think is a good length, I did.

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