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Tell me what happens when there's been an infiltration attempt and Joe Bloggs user then attempts to logon - only to be told that next allowed logon attempt is in 24 hours?

What's wrong with that? Many banks do that or make it so you have to visit a branch to get your account reset. If someone is trying to crack my account I'd much rather the account be locked out then they get another go in a few hours (that said, a few hours lockout is enough to make my account not worth touching)

Or are you going to restrict by host/ip - which then restricts a whole system from logging on?

3 failed attempts at IMAP/SMTP and a couple of other services on my system gets your IP blacklisted for 5 hours. 3 failed attempts at SSH gets your IP blacklisted indefinitely. To many failed attempts from your IP range gets your IP range blacklisted indefinitely, maybe with some notes to your ISP. Course, there's only a small few people who currently use my system so it's not an issue.

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