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lglethal, you're attributing things to me based on your prejudices, not my words. You fail to ask why are we generating "excess" energy with windmills when we could have a sensible mix of dispatchable and non-dispatchable energy such that there's no "excess" needing to be stored. Gas can be stored with very little loss compared to charge/discharge cycles of batteries and the problem of what to do with batteries after their useful life has been expended.

The path we are on was set in motion by the politicians who promised that in return for privatisation, we consumers would have cheaper energy. Manifestly, the reverse is the case.

As a conservationist (not a greenie) I'm also appalled at the death-rate of the endangered Tasmanian wedgetail eagles. If I kill a wedgies, I go to jail. If you meet the greenie seal of approval (saving the planet), you can slaughter as many endangered species as you like and receive a get out of jail card for free.

Wedgies BTW have feral cats as 40% of their diet. Feral cats mainly eat small birds who among other useful things eat insects that feed on farmers' crops. Is malathion preferable to wedgetail eagles?

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