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Not sure backups are enough

Hi, I am not sure conventional backups work in healthcare. I noticed people mention them often.

Healthcare is a highly dynamic environment and critical data gets generated every minute. Incremental backups cannot run that often without creating an unsustainable IT overhead. Daily increments may be useless if you are hit by ransomware at noon, and in the afternoon you need data collected in the morning.

First and foremost people need to be trained and know how to avoid dangerous situations. Next, a specialized solution is needed to detect and stop ransomware. Since no solution is 100% reliable, a product that can also protect the files in real time and restore them in the case of a successful ransomware attack can help bring peace of mind.

I work for a company that builds such a product, combining ransomware detection based on file access patterns with file protection in real time, depending on how files are being manipulated. So, there are solutions which are not conventional and may yield better results.

(Rules of the house do not allow me to advertise, the point of my post is to raise awareness about newer and unconventional technology and encourage people to keep an open mind)

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