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Little by Little, Bit by Bit*:-)

Morning, Richard C,

Bitcoin's reward mechanism is based on publishing a solution to the block chain. What if an Evil Genius™ reversed this, and rewarded miners for withholding their solutions?

Such a reverse engineered reward methodology is nothing new, and in the worlds of fiat currency enslavement and atomic energy weaponry, is the withholding of simple vital bits of information and secreted intelligence, the knowledge of which would create and unleash an unstoppable explosive chain of destructive events in deeply embedded and exclusively elite empowering and fundamentally flawed traditional, SCADA Power Systems, par for the course and remarkably well rewarded with truly perverse amounts of fiat/money/credit.

Shared knowledge is universal computed power and secret knowledge is a quite heavenly cosmic energy with hellish dark undertones and highlights to make Grander Politically Correct and Greater IntelAIgent Games Play with?

And that is a MMORPG Morph which neither suffers nor entertains the Follies of Fools or the Drones of Clones.

Can you imagine and realise what is currently be targeted and attacked for perverse Evil Genius™ gazillionaire reward/just dessert.

Poe's Law Rules :-) .... *:-)

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