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"I have full faith that in time"

It took a student Max Schrems to highlight the lack of protections for EU citizens. Even if Europe gets its own 'EU only' Data Centers along with huge penalties for US infringement, the USA doesn't care. Paying large fines is built into the American business model!

Look at the Vizio Smart TV scandal: 2 million fine, but Vizio sold for 2 billion! There's no means to respect privacy of Americans vs. Non-Americans. That's why the CIA / NSA hoover everything!

So wakey wakey @AC! Even if data never leaves the EU in the future, we have only America's word that past slurps will be unbundled from a highly distributed incredibly complex Ad / Broker system. Even then, we have only the word of liars like Google / Facebook / Uber etc, who are experts at living lawlessly and settling on court steps / paying politicians off...

Plus even then, look at Yahoo. Even if they were forced to delete every bit of slurped personal info from their data silos, parties have already sucked the corporation dry 3 times over. Who has that data now? Who knows: Hackers / Cybercrims / State Agencies...

By the time any change happens it'll be too late. Genie / bottle etc. Good luck with that! Any info users put online now is there forever. Max Schrems showed us that: Facebook never delete anything. Not a single post or photograph gets deleted! Most other US data-suckers are exactly the same. Look at Uber / Google etc.

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