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"Restricted password length and not dealing with certain characters such as speech marks, semi-colons etc. It is hit and miss if the system will allow spaces in the password too."

This. I recently came across a suggestion that colons crept onto lists of disallowed characters because it's used as a separator in the *nix passwd file, but that smacks of lazy programming.

Cargo cult programming

Cargo cult programming is a style of computer programming characterized by the ritual inclusion of code or program structures that serve no real purpose. Cargo cult programming is typically symptomatic of a programmer not understanding either a bug they were attempting to solve or the apparent solution (compare shotgun debugging, deep magic).

The term cargo cult programmer may apply when an unskilled or novice computer programmer (or one inexperienced with the problem at hand) copies some program code from one place to another with little or no understanding of how it works or whether it is required in its new position.

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