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Once upon a time in a former life I had the delight of dealing with a particular sub species of people who I won't name so, for the purposes of this tale (which is related to another that has been published here) I shall call them Those Workers At That Site, or, for brevity, Twats.

There were high points, I won't deny it but some people just aren't intelligent enough to deserve shoes for fear of hurting themselves when allowed out of the house, let alone a computer.

One particular young lady, let's call her Laura (because that was her name), was particularly 'IT Phobic' and regularly called me with odd problems like her monitor crackling and going off when she put her handbag on the cable for instance.

Laura called me one day, with a request that I investigate her computer as it had 'crashed' and displayed an error message.

Apparently it had bluescreened, she'd turned it off and on again and it was all working just fine now but she wanted to know if I could prevent it happening again so I asked what applications she had open when it crashed (dunno, the usual stuff), if it'd displayed anything when it restarted (Dell apparently) and the clincher, 'Do you know what the error message said or did you write it down?'

To which I got the immortal anwer 'Dunno, some computery shit so I just switched it off and back on'.

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