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Anonymous Coward

With data collection that goes to Google that you can't disable, no doubt

Why would Google do this if there isn't something in it for them, in the form of shoppers' personal information to feed their advertising monster?

They already know what people search for, where they go (if they have an Android) and so forth, so getting a foot in the door of the store can help them put together the final link in the chain of what people buy. So I'm guessing the price for this will be access to who is buying what. That makes their advertising much more valuable as Google will be able to tell which ads were more effective at converting to purchases in brick and mortar stores. They'll know that "single women under 30 with child under the age of two who searched for 'my baby has an earache' responded best to ad X" and put that up on the kiosk screen when she walks by.

I'm sure she won't be creeped out at all if the kiosk screen halfway down the aisle displays an ad for Just For Men as the middle aged guy with a few noticeable gray hairs ahead of her is passing it, then switches to advertising an infant earache remedy as she approaches...

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