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User lubed PC with butter, because pressing a button didn't work

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Anonymous Coward

It beggars belief how such people think that their attitudes to their colleagues in IT are consequence-free. Reputations stick, word gets round...

I'm not in IT, I'm an engineer and I depend entirely on my organisation's IT department doing their job, and I make sure to thank them and not overrule them when their generally sensible and understandable policies make something I want slightly awkward. Sure, I could do their job, but I'm not, so what happens needs to be more their decision than mine. And lo, a harmonious relationship bears fruit. It's also tremendously aided by occasionally opening their office door, throwing in a large bar of high quality chocolate, and quickly shutting the door again. When the howls, thumps and bumps have died down, voila; an IT department that's as keen as mustard.

And, being a normal human being, I know full well what level of cooperation I'd get if I went round bad mouthing them.

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