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Yes a large amount of built in storeage is nice, but the ability to put everything important on a card & remove the data is even better.

Even if the data isn't encrypted, a security pat down isn't likely to find an SD card whereas it's almost impossible to miss your smartphone. If you never store anything important on the phone itself, putting it all on the card instead, then simply removing the card is as good as wiping the phone. You can tuck a micro sd card in a hollowed out "wedding ring" to keep it out of the goon's hands, happily letting them munch on your phone all they like. Just remember to remove the card *before* you reach the check point.

You can plug the card into a computer, transfer movies/music/whatever to the card, then put the card in your phone, no wifi sync, dongle juggling, or cable plugging required. And if the phone *does* get destroyed, say run over by a lorry or dropped into the bog, the likelihood of the *card* surviving is better than that of the phone. Eject the card, dry it off, plug it into the computer, & you may still have your data. Not so likely with a phone reduced to a tire tread mark & bits of gravel where the SOC used to be.

Then there's the issue of changing phones. If you buy a new shiny & all your stuff is on the old phone, how do you get everything from one to the other? Sure there's wifi (if they both talk the same freqs) or possibly an OTG crossover cable, or perhaps uploading everything to the cloud & then downloading it to the new phone. Or you could eject the card from the one, click it into the other, & call it a day. No hassels with line noise, signal degredation, maintaining a signal at all, not unplugging the cable accidently, or having any headaches about one not talking to the other, just the physical act of moving the card.

Sure a lot of built in storeage is nice, that means more apps after all, but all my private stuff goes on the card so I can effectively "wipe" the phone merely by removing the card. No card = no personally identifiable information (beyond the SIM & that can be a PAYG version) = no sweat off my brow if it gets lost, stolen, or destroyed or confiscated.

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