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We can get a good indication of the performance differences when we look at the Ryzen benchmarks against the desktop skylake processors that include the new AVX instructions.

As an example in Cinebench

Ryzen 1800X achieves a single threaded score of 162 and a multithreaded score of 1637 (16 threads)

10:1 MT/ST ratio

Intel 6900K Also achieves 162 and a multithreaded score of 1490

9.12:1 MT/ST ratio

Intel i7-7770k (skylake) achieves 201 and 985 (with 8 threads only)

Lets assume a 16 thread skylake will run at the same 4.2-4.5Ghz and has double the multithreaded performance of the i7-7770k the multithreaded result would be 1970

9.8 MT/ST ratio

But are we likely to see a 16 thread skylake run at that frequency range?

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