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Tesla 'API crashes' after update, angry rich bods complain

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He followed advice to reboot the driver console but that only deleted the speedo and the pedal cluster.

Two further reboots resulted in the loss of the MP3 player but the gain of no less than four battery condition meters, all showing different (and incorrect) levels of remaining charge.

A fourth reboot resulted in the doors locking permanently while a seemingly endless series of seating configurations were installed one after another. After three hours the body shell suddenly became that of a Volkswagen Beetle and all four wheels were deleted.

The owner professed himself "disappointed" by the situation, but said Tesla were shipping a bootable USB Stick to address the problem.

"Only thing is, there isn't anywhere to insert the stick" he said. "I lost the USB port about the time the unwanted nodding dog was installed on the rear parcel shelf. I must've missed one of the umpteen 'recommended partner product' checkboxes littering the confirmation page when I tapped 'OK' I guess".

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