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"Not sure as not a computer science graduate, but will the operating system be able to benefit from all those cores ?"

Probably NOT if it's a Microshaft OS. However, I know for a _FACT_ that FreeBSD would benefit, depending on what you're doing. And most likely Linux as well.

Example, use 'make -j n' where 'n' is the # of simultaneous 'jobs' you want to run. I usually pick a value that's at least 50% more than the # of cores I'm running (so that it takes advantage of idle time waiting for I/O and stuff like that). it can make builds go significantly faster, up to 'm' times faster when 'm' is the # of cores you have (yeah, duh).

I understand that there are mpeg encoding libraries now that can ALSO take advantage of multiple cores. I do not know if mpeg DEcoding can use multi-core, but it wouldn't surprise me.

And, not to forget mention of, GAMES. But they're generally OS-agnostic as far as how the game maker wants to implement things.

Worth pointing out, CLASSIC X11 [and _NOT_ Wayland] is a CLIENT/SERVER model, which theoretically runs the graphics in one core, and the application in another one. So by design, an X11 system is _ALREADY_ configured to benefit from multi-core, though the total # of cores that give you a measurable benefit seems to be small (like, 2, maybe?)

Linux also has kernel threads (BSD as well) and whenever you have multiple threads and multiple cores, possibly processing multiple simultaneous I/O requests without blocking one another, you get performance benefit from multi-core. 32 cores, as compared to 4 or even 2, might not make much of a difference, though.

Anyway, aside from algorithms specifically written to leverage multi-core (you can do it with a number of them, from DFT to qsort), most operating systems (inherently) will probably NOT have much of a performance boost between 2 or 4 cores, and 32 cores. That's my $.10 worth, anyway...

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