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You are forgetting that Tesla's are bought by people with more money than brains. So they undoubtedly worry more about their phone.

You appear to suffer from the same envy as the author of the story. It's a car. It's innovative. It's not perfect, on account of being a new approach. No, I can't afford a Tesla either but I would buy one if I had the money, as a second car. Tesla were the first to prove to the Prius socks and sandals brigade that you could go electric without becoming the equivalent of a slow cyclist in the bus lane to traffic around you and actually have fun doing so (that said, I'm no fan of both its interior and exterior design, but that's a matter of taste).

Will it have problems? Sure, still. As long as important stuff such as safety is done properly, and AFAIK it ranks well above most other cars in that aspect.

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