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Cisco brags of industry-best hyperconverged performance


Maybe, I was wondering the same. But it looks like Cisco stumbled (by sheer luck and coincidence most likely) upon a diamond in the rough when they evaluated SpringPath. Lord knows there was def no one who would have understood that scale-out SDS and fabric interconnects are a match made in heaven.

What we do know however is that all these little startups lined up to get acquired by HP, Cisco, and Dell and for some reason Cisco (who were OEMing SimpliVity and to some extent VSAN) said no to all of them and instead picked up SpringPath in its embryonic phase. I honestly don't know how that happened. It looks like a cunning master stroke but I am at a complete loss as to WHO at Cisco is capable of recognizing and executing something like that.

I guess we will never know or it will surface in a decade in some obscure story that only us old-timers will pay attention to but for now it looks like solid tech with quite some potential. Personally, I dismissed UCS when it launched years ago so I am a bit more cautious ruling out Cisco when it enters a new market, storage fumbles notwithstanding. Perhaps we are just giving them too much crap because of the Whiptail fiasco.

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