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Hi. non-armchair pro here.

> Why would any responsible Linux administrator entrust management rights of any kind to a Microsoft system?

Because the Linux administrator most usually doesn't run the department or signs the support and licensing contracts for Microsoft products that the other 99% of the company uses. Which means more than likely, the people sitting in network operations are sitting at windows workstations. And know windows servers -- because that's what all the departments use, because they know it and it's supported. No matter how munged it gets, Microsoft will fix it with a phone call. Companies like that sort of thing. So the Linux administrator gets told: We need you on our dashboard. Here's the package. Run along now. Don't give me that face.

This is how things work in the real world, not the imaginary one where most open source proponents live. Yes, it *would* be better not to do it. Yes, those solutions really are superior in most regards. I agree! But you will do it because management said so; And they have reason to sit in their chair and say "Make It So, Number One!" Business needs, internal politics, and cost management goals cause sub-optimal choices in this industry all the time. Everywhere. Forever.

"It's the solution Gotham deserves, but not the solution it needs right now."

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