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Two-thirds of TV Licensing prosecutions at one London court targeted women

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An out of date business model. If BBC want to be paid they need to keep with the times and switch to a subscription model, like most content providers nowadays.

I don't have a TV license. I have 2 TVs in my home but I don't need a license as they are only connected to Fire TV sticks and the main one is also connected to a PC as a secondary monitor. I don't watch any live TV other than Call the Midwife, which I watch at my partner's home which is covered by a license.

I've been getting various letters from TV licensing for the past 3 years now and they all instantly go in the bin. If someone comes to the door and I'm not expecting anyone they are ignored.

I've not been prosecuted for anything. I've done nothing wrong and have no reason to speak to these people.

A few years back I did watch BBC news and various other live programs and I had a license. I've even appeared on BBC TV (and radio) myself a few times as an expert on a certain subject but I now have nothing to do with them as they are no longer unbiased and most definitely have an agenda.

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