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Two-thirds of TV Licensing prosecutions at one London court targeted women

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Anonymous Coward

i own several kitchen knives.. does that make me...

...a serial killer? Every household is assumed guilty.

. read the rules.. if you have a device for ps3, dont install i player. dont have a subscription to sky or cable tv, netflix or amazon..etc.

. i use my device for pc, and games console and DVD / BLURAY.

. Don't invite them in.

. Don't open the door - shout though it if necessary

. If you do decide to enage (via the closed door) repeat the words out loud "No thank you. i don't need one. Go away" as you would with any other uninvited doorstep hassler.

.Ignore the junk mail. Dont bother reading i. I signed one once saying i don't need a license.. then a few months later it all started again. .. dont bother with it.

.I own a computer... does that make me a hacker? - don't be guilted or intimidated bt aggressive tactics.

.Be firm in your assurance.

.Offer nothing in any way. It's a doorway to counter argument.

.Be polite, yet also dismissive.

.Good luck! :)

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