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Two-thirds of TV Licensing prosecutions at one London court targeted women

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Why women?

So what factors might be causing women to be over-represented among licence evaders?

1. The enforcement gangs, who are paid by results, find women easier targets.

2. Single men are more likely than single women to pay their TV licences.

3. Single men are more likely than women successfully to evade paying the TV licence.

4. In two-parent families with one parent staying at home to look after the children during the daytime when enforcement officers are most likely to call, it is more likely to be the father who is out at work and the mother who ends up taking responsibility.

5. Single men are more likely than single women to live without a TV.

6. This is just so much more Beeb-bashing from the rich, advertisement-funded private media.

It's an interesting question .....

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