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BBC Licence Tracers Little More Than Thieves

My late Mother, after she was widowed, was always very reluctant to open the door to strangers,

One day there is a knock at the door, which she refused to acknowledge, and the knocking persisted for some time during which she persisted in not answering the door.

The intruder seemingly went to a neighbours, introduced himself, provided ID and commenced to acquire a physical description of my Mother - all second hand.

A few weeks later she was summonsed to court and in her stead she was represented by my brother.

The 'complaint' was wholly fabricated by the Licence Enforcer but made believable by him describing someone he had never met. My brother produced her birth certificate (which made her 87 at the time of the 'offence') along with an Affidavit from a TV repair person that stated the signal level in that part Buckinghamshire required an external antenna and that there was none. The witness further attested to the fact the only TV set was in a closet, that was filled with bric-a-brac and dust and not in working condition.

Licence Enforcers are nothing less than crooks without shame.

The case was dismissed with costs against the Enforcer, personally!

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